About DGS

About DGS

DGS Interparts is your suitable partner for all steel industry related projects. Years of experience in the sector and an eye for detail make DGS Interparts the ideal supplier in the steel-metal industry.

With its headquarters in Belgium and production facilities in Turkey, DGS Interparts is well-represented and has gained a strong market position since its establishment in 2003.

Thanks to years of knowledge and experience, modern equipment, combined with highly trained and expert personnel, DGS Interparts offers high-quality solutions.

Safety, quality, involvement and expertise are central. For example, we strive to provide our customers with the highest level in the field of high-quality engineering, production and construction, all at a realistic and competitive price, resulting in optimal results.

Despite strong growth in recent years, DGS Interparts has managed to maintain its flexible mentality. That is one reason why more and more companies are outsourcing part or all of their production to DGS Interparts. 

In short, we are a robust and flexible company that adapts to the ever-changing market of supply and demand. Consequently, our customers can rely on us at all times.

Companies can therefore outsource their work to us without any worries.


Discover all our applications.


Mammoet Skid

Mammoet’s skidding system offers a safe and efficient method for the horizontal transport of heavy and oversized objects along a linear track.

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The crusher is mainly used to crush materials into smaller particles for easy disposal or recycling, or to reduce the size of a solid mixture

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Bank of Kuwait

DGS Interparts completed a crucial project for the Bank of Kuwait, installing a state-of-the-art facade lift for maintenance purposes. The bank, renowned for its stunning

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Jack system

DGS Interparts has skillfully manufactured and supplied clamps and hydraulic cylinders for a Jacking System. Utilizing advanced production techniques and high-quality materials, We made, according

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Beam Placing Unit

DGS Interparts, a specialized company in welding constructions and hydraulic cylinders, played a vital role in this project, specifically in the Beam Placing Unit. With

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