Welding & Construction

DGS Construction is the ideal partner for both heavy and light construction work.

Projects undertaken during bidding phase are assessed for feasibility as per ISO 3834 and EN 1090 standards. Once the order has been approved, technical drawings are studied to determine raw material requirements for procurement. Raw materials received are subjected to entry-level quality checks and transferred to raw material storage area.

The materials in the storage area are cut in line with the project’s cutting plans and as per the EN ISO 9013 standard. The parts thus cut are leveled as per the EN ISO 8501-3 standard. The parts cut are categorized for pre-machining, for bending and for assembly. After the performance of quality checks of parts, the pre-machining and bending processes of which are complete, the parts are transferred to the assembly area for fit-up as per technical drawings. 

Quality Control personnel perform pre-welding measurement checks. Approved parts are transferred to the welding line for welding processes. The parts are welded by our certified welders in accordance with the welding plans and WPSs for each relevant part. Measurement checks of the parts are performed after welding and adjustments are made as necessary.

Some of the industries we serve

Maritime sector
Crane construction
Dredging waste paper industry
Government sector