Fairleads are carefully manufactured and tested under the strict supervision of DNV (Det Norske Veritas), a leading certification authority. These crucial components of maritime systems, used for guiding cables and ropes, are produced according to the highest quality standards. The entire production process, including design, material selection, manufacturing methods, and quality controls, is thoroughly evaluated by DNV to ensure that the fairleads meet stringent requirements.

To ensure reliability and durability, fairleads undergo extensive testing. An impressive tensile strength test of 295 tons has been conducted to assess the welding quality. This test is critical as it demonstrates the strength and reliability of the weld connections. By successfully passing this test, the fairleads have proven their ability to withstand extreme loads and ensure safe operation. The DNV certification process confirms that the fairleads meet the highest industry standards, instilling confidence in shipping companies and customers that they are using high-quality fairleads that have been inspected and certified by a reputable authority like DNV.

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